Partner Selection

Selecting the right partner is a key decision for our clients, whether the partner is an investment bank, professional service provider, specialist vendor; or a financial or strategic investor.

We have extensive experience with the full range of potential partners across areas and geographies, which enables us to provide the best quality advice and recommendations to our clients.



  • Our firm has broad experience and working relationships with, and knowledge of: the full range of global, international and domestic investment and commercial banks; investors and financial sponsors, professional service firms, specialist service providers; and a deep network of current and retired senior managers, board members and public servants around the world.

  • This means that we are extremely well placed to assist in selecting and recommending partners as and when applicable, and depending on what the Client is seeking to achieve, including for instance, a capital markets fundraising; a restructuring of the firm; or a competitive repositioning.

  • The choice of third-party service providers and partners is key, depending as they have differing levels of expertise and experience.

  • Our knowledge of and relationships with the universe of potential service providers and partners allows us to assemble the right combination of third parties (if and when required by Clients) on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specifics of the situation: thus increasing the probability of successful outcomes, and preventing mistakes which could be avoided if the right parties were involved.


  • Utilizing our network of relationships with financial investors (including but not limited to global, international and domestic institutional investors, asset managers and pension funds, specialized oil & gas, power, infrastructure and real estate investors, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Development Finance Institutions, Export Credit Agencies and HNW investors): to thoughtfully identify and screen suitable investors for our clients.

  • These different groups of investors have significantly varied risk appetites, asset preferences, investment criteria and financial capacity and sophistication. Our expertise with these issues considerably enhances our ability to overcome the often-encountered problem of discussions and meetings with potential investors and partners not leading to any meaningful end results.

  • Based on our knowledge of and experience with the requirements of both sides, we are very well placed to instead convert these interactions into concrete and mutually beneficial transactions and investments.


  • On a per-capita basis, Sub-Saharan Africa has become the top destination for global and multinational insitutions seeking to enter into or expand within the continent.

  • The underlying dynamics of the youngest demographic profile in the world and rising disposable income, increasing adoption of smart phones and devices, broadening use of cutting-edge technology across industries, especially in the financial services sector, rapidly increasing innovation by African entrepreneurs, combined with an vibrant media and entertainment industry which is penetrating not just diaspora audiences in the US and Europe, but also breaking into the vast ‘mainstream’ market there, mean that with the right locally adapted strategies, there are significant growth opportunities in SSA for corporations based in the more mature markets in all the other continents, including other emerging markets in Asia and Eastern Europe.

  • Our firm and our network of partners have a deep understanding of trends, innovations and developments on a country by country basis, an ability to assess these and advise clients appropriately, and knowledge of how to originate and execute opportunities.

  • We also have a deep and nuanced knowledge of the varied legal, regulatory and government institutional frameworks across the continent.

  • Furthermore, we have an excellent understanding of the preferred regions, countries and industries which global and multinational are targeting for entry or expansion.

  • As such, for our African clients, we can provide detailed and well-informed opinions as to the suitability or otherwise of financial and strategic investors, and therefore enhance decision making and negotiation.

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