We provide both overall strategic consulting services as well as consulting project management to our selected clients. We seek to continuously remain abreast of developments in the external environment that affect our clients, as well as also maintaining ongoing dialogues, to ensure that we are always aware of internal developments.

This allows us to maintain our overall mission of providing independent and objective advice. We also seek to be mindful of various sensitivities and maintain the highest levels of confidentiality, in order to ensure best-in-class service delivery.


Strategic Consulting

  • Carrying out in-depth assessment of the overall market and industry landscapes within which clients are currently operating, are entering into, and/or contemplating.

  • Full assessment of the client's current competitive position, strengths and weaknesses, including but not limited to technical, organisational, infrastructural (hard and soft), branding and reputational.

    - Assessing overall business and operational strategy and vision.

    - Evaluating current and planned corporate structure and efficiency.

    - Conducting peer and competitor benchmarking and review.

    - Carrying out market and industry sector analysis.

    - Corporate and product branding and/or positioning.

  • Review and update of long-term goals and objectives, and defining/re-defining or clarifying organisational mission and values.

  • Developing or updating overall organisational strategy and breaking same down into clearly defined goals and objectives with associated timelines and milestones.

Project Consulting

  • Working with Clients for ongoing or planned specific projects: establish or review and update organizational needs, requirements, priorities, issues and/or challenges for planned or ongoing group, corporate, divisional or departmental initiatives.

  • Develop and/or revalidate overall objectives, guiding principles and frameworks to provide a clear structure, boundary management and incentive alignment.

  • Create a clear and well-defined Scope of Work for Planning, Design and successful Implementation. Examples of specific elements which may be included (as required):

    - Commercial: Financial and operating goals, establishing budgeting and planning mechanisms to develop these goals into concrete commercial goals, targets and accompanying KPIs.

    - Corporate Governance: Establishing and/or strengthening Client governance structure and practices to ensure best-in-class levels.

    - Systems & Processes: Reviewing and/or updating systems and processes: including clear recording and tracking methodology, policies and practices, SOPs, Manuals and Handbooks (as may be required.

    - Human Resources: including Staff Recruitment and Placement Guidelines and Policies, Performance Evaluation, Compensation Design, Career Path Planning and Manpower Development.

    - Communication: Working with the Client to develop clear Project Communication Plans and Content, along with the accompanying Communication Channels and Delivery Mechanisms.

    - Management Information Systems (“MIS”): review and enhancement (where applicable), including seamless integration of IT systems and ensuring that all relevant data/information is being captured.

    - Legal and Regulatory: Review of planned or ongoing Projects to ensure compliance with current or planned Legislation, Regulations and Policies.

Consulting Project Management

  • Establishment of a Project Management Office or similar structure, customized to meet the needs and requirements of the Client and Project, and equipped with the necessary infrastructure to fulfil those requirements.

  • Co-ordination of all Internal and External Parties to a Project.

  • Ensuring efficient parallel processing of all Workstreams.

  • Management of Workstream inter-dependencies to avoid overlapping, duplication and conflicts, and ensure seamless Project delivery.

  • Serve as a central point clearing house for all Project Information, Data and Communications.

  • Ensuring Client input is fully captured all through the Project.

  • Creating and maintaining Status Tracking and Reporting Mechanisms that highlight Key Workstream Deliverables, Due Dates, Responsible Parties, and Status.

  • Creating approved Templates and Structures for the Project Status Reports.

  • Creating mechanisms to continuously gather feedback from relevant Client employees and stakeholders.

  • Providing support to Clients for both Internal and External Stakeholder Management.

  • Project Risk Management- identification and mitigation of key risks.

  • Establishing for all relevant documentation and materials, organization and storing in a clear indexed format: to facilitate efficient information sharing throughout Projects to designated Project Team members, with varying access levels determined by the Client.

  • Audio/Video Conference Call existing facilities to be activated and/or enhanced if required: to facilitate efficient participation by all Project Team members.

  • Evaluating current internal resources vs. needs for the Projects, and recommending addition of temporary or permanent resources where appropriate.

  • Continuously evaluating staffing needs for the Project and the various Project Workstreams, and adding or removing resources as necessary.

  • By their nature, Consulting Projects need to be adaptable and continuously evolving, within the overall Project guidelines and Scope of Work approved at inception.

  • As such, we establish approval systems and processes to designate what decisions can be taken at the various levels of the Project Governance structure, including which decisions need to be referred to Client Management and/or the Board of Directors/other Governing Body (as applicable).

  • One key goal of the reporting and approval systems combined is to maximize the efficient use of Executive Management’s time.

  • This is necessary to ensure Management participation in key initiatives and communications, while not creating an excessive burden, which distracts Management from running of their respective business and/or service areas.

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