Our mission is to serve as a trusted advisor to our selected clients: including private and publicly listed Companies, Financial Institutions, Governments and Public Corporations; as well as to Boards of Directors, Executive Management and/or Committees.

In line with our mission, we seek to fully understand the goals and objectives of our clients, and provide best-in-class independent and objective advice. To that end, we also aim for execution excellence on transactions across the full range of products and services.



Fundraising and Financing Recommendations

  • Advising clients on current and projected financial market conditions, investor risk appetite and preferences, and the various continuously changing global, domestic and internal issues that affect the choice of financing and fundraising options, investor and capital pools and listing venues (where applicable).

  • Providing recommendations regarding the optimal fundraising options: including structure, instrument(s), investors and lenders, or combinations thereof.

  • Advising on various financing issues, including Security and Collateral Terms, Ring-Fencing of Cash Flows, Inter-creditor and Syndicate considerations, Equity Term Sheets, Share Purchase Agreements, etc. (as and where applicable).

Capital Markets Solutions

  • Where appropriate, through our extensive knowledge of and expertise with international and domestic capital markets, we can recommend when a capital markets-based approach to fundraising may be preferable to private fundraising.

  • Debt Capital Markets: Financing of new debt and/or refinancing of existing obligations by bonds sold through private placement, Eurobond issuance, Panda Bonds (Chinese RMB bonds sold in the domestic China market), Sukuk bonds, and other creative DCM structures.

  • Equity Capital Markets: sale of shares through Initial or Secondary Public Offerings, targeted Private Placements, Block Sales etc.; or exchange listing through a Reverse Listing process.

Transaction Management

  • Design of Requests for Proposal (RFPs), Tenders and/or Bids on behalf of Clients.

  • Providing support for selection of professional service providers, lead managers/bookrunners, vendors, underwriters and/or contractors.

  • Co-ordination of All Parties to a Transaction.

  • Creating Transaction Governance Structures detailing Roles and Responsibilities of the Parties.

  • Preparation and execution of comprehensive end-to-end Work Programmes and Activity Plans, including Milestones, Deliverables and associated Timelines.

  • Driving Transactions through to Final Pricing and Settlement, Financial Close; Execution of Partnership/Commercial Agreements; Financial Investment Decision (“FID”) and/or Contract Awards (as applicable).


  • Balance Sheet Optimization

  • Asset & Liability Management: including tenor, duration and currency mix assessment, term structure of interest rates sensitivity analysis, risk mitigation, regulatory capital and liquidity optimization (as applicable).

  • Assessing current and planned financing instruments and options and the trade-offs inherent in these choices (e.g. senior debt, subordinated debt, equity, quasi-equity, convertible, mezzanine financing).

  • Assessing liability structure: including contingent liabilities such as off-balance sheet obligations, employee benefits and employee pension funding gaps; and recommending solutions for same.


  • We provide best-in-class Valuation services to assist clients in determining the value of their businesses as a whole; individual asset/groups of assets (whether physical hard/fixed assets or soft assets such as Intellectual Property or Brands), and specific projects and additional business lines.

  • Building and maintaining robust Corporate, Business Unit, Project and/or Asset Business/Financial Models, with detailed documented inputs and assumptions, full operating and financial projections, and robust Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis capabilities.


  • Continuous assessment of global, regional and domestic developments and trends within and across industries and geographies.

  • Careful identification of potential value-additive opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, taking into account both general and client-specific considerations.

  • Spin-offs, divestitures, Joint Ventures, Commercial or Strategic Partnerships, share and/or asset swaps and exchanges, Special Situations.


  • In situations where restructuring is required, assessing the current position, recommending restructuring of the corporate and/or capital structure where appropriate, and providing viable, practical and executable options and solutions.

  • Advising on internal potential business areas/units, subsidiaries and/or asset combinations and collaborations.

  • Designing and executing comprehensive restructuring and workout plans to transform the viability of assets, business segments and corporations.

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