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Africa Global Consulting Limited is an advisory and consulting firm providing services to selected clients. Our mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients, providing independent and objective advice and execution excellence.

We believe in relationships, rather than just transactions; and only take on clients and projects where we feel it is in the client’s best interest, and where we are certain we can create value.

We therefore only accept a limited number of clients at all times: to ensure that we treat each with deep focus, best-in-class service, and the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion.

Reputation and credibility are invaluable assets, which are essential to building an institution that can stand the test of time. We seek to maintain and build our institutional foundations on trust, reputation and credibility, and ensuring that client interests come first.

This is one of our guiding principles, even where for instance, that means advising a client not to do a transaction that would generate revenues for our firm.

This may be for a myriad of reasons, for example, because we feel that the transaction is not currently advisable for the client. A case might be a client requesting us to carry out an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for them; whereas we believe that taking more time to develop their business, strengthen corporate governance and other actions is in the client’s best interest, even though that recommendation means foregoing immediate revenues for our firm.

We always give that objective advice even when we know it may not be what the client wants to hear. It may lead to missing out on some transactions, but we do not compromise on always speaking the truth as we perceive it. Of course, we also listen and are completely open to debate and discussion. With clients who welcome our honesty and objectivity, we find that it establishes mutual trust and thereby allows us to deliver value.

Our Guiding Principles are:
  • Our clients interests come first and foremost before any other consideration.

  • We believe in relationships, rather than just transactions.

  • We do not accept any client or project unless we believe it is in the best interest of the client, and we are certain that we can add value.

  • We always provide independent, objective and frank advice.

  • We aspire to be exceptional in all we do, including providing best-in-class service quality and execution excellence.

  • We maintain the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality and discretion.


Our mission is to serve as a trusted advisor to our selected clients: including private and publicly listed Companies, Financial Institutions, Governments and Public Corporations; as well as to Boards of Directors, Executive Management and/or Committees.

In line with our mission, we seek to fully understand the goals and objectives of our clients and provide best-in-class independent and objective advice. To that end, we also aim for execution excellence on transactions across the full range of products and services.


We provide both overall strategic consulting services as well as consulting project management to our selected clients. We seek to continuously remain abreast of developments in the external environment that affect our clients, as well as also maintaining ongoing dialogues, to ensure that we are always aware of internal developments.

This allows us to maintain our overall mission of providing independent and objective advice. As with all our services, we also seek to be mindful of various sensitivities and maintain the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality and discretion.

Partner Selection

Selecting the right partner is a key decision for our clients, whether the partner is an investment bank, professional service provider, specialist vendor; a financial or strategic investor, or any other significant partner.

We have extensive experience with the full range of potential partners across areas and geographies, which enables us to provide the best quality advice and recommendations to our clients.


It is well-known that the pace of change around the globe in virtually all areas of life, not just business, is constantly accelerating. We continuously follow the latest innovations and developments across all the areas that our clients are interested in or involved with. This requires us to have both strong internal subject matter expertise as well as key relationships across the globe with innovators, creators and end users.

We keep clients constantly informed and aware of opportunities and competitive challenges: to ensure that innovation becomes an increasingly embedded part of their operations, setting of goals and objectives, and strategic planning.

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